I play game.

I play Puzzle & Dragon.
The game collaboratedw with Magazin.
And magazin can get serial number of rare character.
I play game using 2 smart phone for multi play.
But  I thought I do not buy two magazin.
I abandoned to get it for 1 smart phone.

I don’t usually buy weekly Magazine.
But I bought it this week because I want to get serial number for rare character.

Screenshot of pad.gungho.jp



パズル&ドラゴンズ 5th ANNIVERSARY (エンターブレインムック)

(2017/3/30 22:28時点)

コザキユースケ画集 KYMG3

(2017/3/30 22:28時点)

モンスターストライクで覚える日本の武将 (モンスターストライクで覚えるシリーズ)

(2017/3/30 22:29時点)