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I play game.

I play Puzzle & Dragon.
The game collaboratedw with Magazin.
And magazin can get serial number of rare character.
I play game using 2 smart phone for multi play.
But  I thought I do not buy two magazin.
I abandoned to get it for 1 smart phone.

I don’t usually buy weekly Magazine.
But I bought it this week because I want to get serial number for rare character.

Screenshot of pad.gungho.jp



パズル&ドラゴンズ 5th ANNIVERSARY (エンターブレインムック)

(2017/3/30 22:28時点)

コザキユースケ画集 KYMG3

(2017/3/30 22:28時点)

モンスターストライクで覚える日本の武将 (モンスターストライクで覚えるシリーズ)

(2017/3/30 22:29時点)


My oldest son

He always wake up by my wife.
But he waked up for own this morning.
For the reason he is going Tokyo Disney Sea today.
He waked up 4:00 AM and he go it.

He does not go home yet.
He go home on most end train time every time.
My wife is waiting him to go home.

My oldest son

My oldest son could not wake up this morning.
He said nothing but he went out .
And he does not contacted to my wife about the destination.
He was late that go home.  For the reason, his dinner does not had.
Therefore, he bought side dish by supermarket.
And he ate rice that his home has with side dish.